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Write for Us

January 20, 2017. Less than 1 Min Read.

Thank you for your interest in writing on our blog.

Please have a look at the already published articles and fill-up the form below to tell us about the topic you want to write on. You should include links to your already published articles (if any) with the message.

You can also send us complete articles.

Please be sure to check the following guidelines beforehand:

1. We publish articles on e-commerce, web design and online marketing.

2. The length of the article must be more than 800 words.

3. The article must be well-written, original and in UK English. No duplicate content is allowed.

4. If you decide to send us a complete article, please use Google Drive to share an editable link.

We’ll review your article as soon as possible and let you know if your article gets approved. If you don’t hear from us within a week, that means your post isn’t what we are currently looking for. Feel free to approach us again with another great idea.

    Written by

    Web Commander

    Web Commander

    Helen Golubeva, a storyteller at X-Cart eCommerce shopping cart. Addicted to yoga, interested in philosophy, and totally mad about copywriting. I love to use the power of words to inspire people and help them grow their eCommerce businesses.