How to Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

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How to Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

October 19, 2021. 8 Mins Read.

“Brand Advocate” is a secret booster for all businesses.

Do you want to build your firm with less investment? Then the Word of Mouth marketing technique is best suited for you.

People nowadays have the ability to come up with a concept and launch a business in a matter of seconds. Thus competition in several fields is getting increased respectively. To stand out from the crowd and manage a highly profitable store in a short amount of time, you must figure out the best techniques for building promising brand advocates.

In this aspect, we’ll show you how it can be done.

What is a brand advocate?

Brand advocates are the people who talk optimistically about your brand of products or services without even paying any bills for them. They spread the value of your brand to another group of people or buddies through word-of-mouth marketing or their personal social media accounts. This in turn will help you to grow the business faster than by using traditional marketing.

Speaking of which, it turns out to be the best way to recognize a newly opened brand in a short period of time.

Why do we need brand advocates to run a successful business?

“Advocacy can propel brand unlike any other paid or unpaid media because it unlocks the networking power of ONE-ONE relationships with a key of trust” – Rick Wion

These days, when people think of buying products or services, they search for those terms in search engines to look for reviews or user experience. A person trusts the positive reviews of buyers more than a business ad. From this way itself, we can tell the importance of brand advocates to run a business.

Advocates are simply “Supporters” who don’t work for anybody. But instead, they share their personal experiences with other sources to help the next buyer. A “word” out of brand advocates is way more powerful than investing in an ad campaign.

So we must be focused & stay aware of those words to outreach brands. To gain successful outcomes from brand advocates, you need to know the proper approach towards the customers.

Ultimate tips to turn your customers into brand advocates.

1. Build a user-friendly website

When visitors ought to purchase the products on your website, they will probably look for their needs but they may also want the website to be more user-friendly for purchasing any items. People do not really spend that much time on overly complicated websites.

Think of yourself, if you are about to buy a product on a website and it takes a lot of time to load with multiple procedures to access it. Will you shop at that website? Or in contrast, there’s another website available for the same product with a versatile user-friendly experience where you can get any product in an instant. Which one do you prefer?

Literally, shoppers will prefer the succeeding one. It creates a huge impact on the customers. If they have a great experience while they purchase items or look for services, they will eventually talk about the shopping experience from your website. This is a crucial foremost process to turn a valuable customer into a brand advocate.

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2. Be responsive to each customer’s concern

A good entrepreneur is one who satisfies all the needs of customers. Satisfying implies not only providing quality products but also considering the feedback of the customers and fulfilling their requirements. Each stepping stone of each positive feedback will lead you to the path of success.

When the shoppers look for stuff to buy & your product or services appear with resolve feedback, they’ll hit on the purchase button without even having any second thoughts. Because these days, people decide to buy things based on the customer’s critiques.

3. Provide what they are looking for

Don’t push the customers to buy the product rather create a product that they want. For instance, classify the products based on category & tags to make shopping easier for the purchasers. If they feel convenient in your store, they’ll spend more time & buy a variety of products from your store.

Day-by-day, people search for newly & fresh products in the eCommerce store. Thus, stop selling outdated products, create a trendy product that is on-demand in the market. Add advanced and exclusive features to your store to make your customers happy.

4. Engage customers on social media

Social media platforms are the central hub of global communication. Create a presence of a social community where you can advertise your brand to outreach more customers. Give them an option to share, refer, & talk about the products through the channel. Keep posting the updates of your products to engage the shoppers.

This will help the buyer in learning more about the brand precisely. Also, more customers can be connected smoothly & they will spread out the benefits of your brand. This will make the repository gain more trust among the others.

5. Make use of store credit/cashback

Offering store credit is among the most effective steps to attract more customers. Purchasing a product can be done joyfully & in case, if the product’s not valid for the refund process, this will make the customer feel less comfortable. In this scenario, if the purchase bill is converted to store credit, it will be delightful for the customers to shop for the next products. They’ll love your shop & do the frequent shopping, by this way they will eventually remember the seller’s brand name.

Similarly, you can use the cashback on popular products. Customers will be glad to purchase the limited products with redeeming cashback offers. Providing a payback deal is the most reliable way to earn more customers to your online store.

6. Send a greeting notes

We will never forget the received greeting on a special day. It will show the importance of the presence and you would be good to them even after that. Same way, use it with your brand. Create a special greeting note, ex: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY – MAY THIS SPECIAL DAY BRINGS ALL GOOD THINGS TO YOU” and send the greeting through email along with a special discount or product as a blowing gift.

Buyer’s felt the brand was paying attention to each customer and who doesn’t like the wrapped astonishment gift. Customer’s outspread the brand, how you make their special day more exquisite.

7. Loyalty & reward program

The customer loyalty program is a great deal for buyers as well as the store. It’s clearly a win-win strategy. Incentivizing points on each purchase allows the customer to make more purchases. By using advanced plugins available in the market, you can set the loyalty point even for signing up, writing a review, or referring a friend.

Launcher Widget

Reward the shoppers with commercial products while they redeem the points at your store. You can also offer a discount to use on their next purchase or points can be used directly at the cart total to deduct a sum of the bill. Collecting points will create enthusiasm to make them feel to do habitual shopping on your site.

8. Surprise customers with attractive coupons

Ready to grab the customer’s attention? It’s time to “WOW” the buyers with visually appealing coupons. Create the tokens initially, and send them out to various customers at a seasonal time. This will drag all attention at once. Since the sale during peak season is always a hit rather than on normal days.

Coupon example

Coupons should be made in favour of customers such as BOGO deals, Free Shipping, more than 30% OFF, next order discount, etc. Think of the customer’s requirements & implement the coupon and they will think of your brand whenever they decide to shop in the subsequent period.

9. Referral program

Referring to a friend & gaining a reward is an amazing deal for the customers. To grow your brand’s network, build an ideal referral marketing strategy, and offer a splendid discount to the buyer. If you are a WordPress user, it’s even quite easy to implement the strategy. Lots of plugins are available for referral marketing, install it & with a simple drag & drop option create your first referral program sequence.

Landing Page Referral Marketing

This process helps in enhancing the communication of a brand network. Word-out-mouth marketing can be attained using this strategy. Never limit the sharing, open the divvy up to all channels of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

10. Conduct flash sale or exclusive auctions

Looking for a way to gather all people in one spot? Then flash sale or auction is the best choice to stand out. Create an exclusive invitation & make it featured on your website or send it out to gathered visitors through email. Set the countdown on a specific day. Announce the offer on a certain product ex: “80% OFF on XYZ mobile – Click Here to Buy” (Run the count down – less than 2 mins or even more up to your choice).

Creating bids on antique stuff or highly trendy on-demand stuff to get more people on the list. An auction is like conducting a race on the track. We all know the first person to arrive will be the winner of the trophy. In the auction, the higher bidder will get the esteemed products as “trophies.” For a newly opened brand, an auction is an easy way to gather different people & conduct the event randomly to establish a presence in the market.

Final thoughts

A store can be built using any platform but to enhance the business to the next level, you need to introduce strategies to entice customers & convert them into brand advocates to reach more visitors. It is a rapid way to boost the venture effortlessly. All you have to do is to choose the right tactics at the right time effectively. There’s no limit to creativity so think of unique ways to intensify valuable customers. When you treat your buyer creditably they will treat you back generously.

Seeking a way to grow your business effortlessly? Then word-of-mouth marketing is the one for you. Learn the effective way to turn the customers into brand advocates to boost up the ventures.

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