Store Setup

While WebCommander was designed to make designing and setting up your online store as simple as possible, we understand that there are always going to be little extras you will need that you may not be able to figure out yourself.

If you are time pressed, need extra functionality or simply need advice, our ecommerce setup team is here to help. We can liaise with your courier, payment gateway or accounting software provider to set up the more complicated integration as well as advising you on how best to manage and present your products.

Custom Web Design

Product Upload and Information Population

While WebCommander offers the option of uploading a large amount of product information via CSV, it is possible that you may not have the time or capacity to provide the information in this format. If that is the case, we have a specialised team who are well experienced in data entry in WebCommander.

The team can help you organise, upload and populate your categories, subcategories and product content with both written material and product images.


Custom fields and options

If you need to provide your clients with custom options while they are ordering, we can set this up for you. You may wish your customers to be able to select a number of different sizes, colours or variations within a single product listing, or perhaps you would like to give the option of setting a delivery date. All of this and many more customisations can be made in WebCommander with our dedicated store setup team.


Third Party Software Integration

WebCommander can integrate with a number of third party APIs – from the accounting software Xero, MYOB and Autobill to most of the major bank payment gateways, NAB, CommBank, Westpac and more.

Along with this we can integrate with your chosen courier’s API and can liaise with them so that you can give your customers access to the courier’s specific information and save yourself time and effort providing support and tracking orders.


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