Product Page: 5 Qualities to Help You Make More Money

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Product Page: 5 Qualities to Help You Make More Money

September 20, 2020. 7 Mins Read.


Have you heard of that Chinese phrase?

The one that says, “if you can’t smile, don’t be a salesman”?

The same is true for your product page. Because this is where the sale happens!

Thus, if it doesn’t have the right qualities, then your site visitors would bounce in herds.

So, what are those qualities your online product pages must have?

Read on. And find out.

Product page quality 1: Visually pleasing

The product pages in your online store must be visually pleasing.

Otherwise, even the best ad copy wouldn’t help you convert your visitors.

Let’s have a look at an example:

The above product page is from QueenGarnet.

Everything from the colour to the way a menu pops out is smooth and soothing. As visitors scroll, they would enjoy a satisfying and wonderful experience!

How can you make your product pages visually pleasing?

There are several ways to make your online store landing pages beautiful. Some of the most prominent ones are:

Parallax scrolling

This technique makes some elements on your site scroll slower relative to the rest of the page. It helps direct visitors’ attention to elements of interest.

Complementary/similar colours

Colours that complement the existing ones on your site or match those can bring your product pages to life. The product page above is a fine example of that.

Hover-sensitive micro-animations

These are the animations that you see when you hover your mouse pointer over a particular region or element on pages of your website. Such animations bring your product page to life. As a result, your pages would feel more pleasing to your visitors.

Product page quality 2: Creative

Most store owners tend to be inspired by popular businesses in their niches. Thus, their website pages tend to be pretty much similar to each other.

If you flex your creative muscles when having your product pages designed, you would break this pattern. Your visitors would have a fresh and entertaining experience.

As Einstein has said, an example is the only way to demonstrate something.

So let’s look at one.

Penarosa, while trying to be innovative, has broken the pattern!

Instead of placing images of watches of all available colours, they have placed an interface.

Visitors would be able to choose the colours and see how the watch looks with that colour of the band and dial.

It not only delivers a wonderful user experience but keeps visitors engaged as well.

How can you make your product pages creative?

The path to making your product pages creative is not exactly a straight line.

However, after working on dozens of pages, here is what we suggest:

  • Write down the goal of your product page.
  • List the emotions you want your visitors to feel as they browse.
  • Browse through product pages of similar brands.
  • Write down all the ideas that have crossed your mind about page design.
  • Sit with the designers and UX experts you hired to communicate your ideas.

This is not a definite rule.

But if you follow these steps diligently, then it’s highly likely you would come up with innovative product presentation ideas.

Product page quality 3: Informative

Being informative is one of the crucial criteria of a product page. The right information helps your visitors make an educated decision.

Besides, it would also help boost your website’s brand awareness.

The product page in the video above is from POL, a women’s wear store.

As you can see, visitors don’t have to click on images to have views from multiple angles. Furthermore, it includes details about the fabric components of the clothes.

It also provides information on how the measurement was taken. Last but not least, it provides detailed info on shipping time and fees.

This information would definitely help the prospects know the items thoroughly.

How can you make your product pages informative?

Just stating that your product pages need to be more informative is not enough. Neither is fair.

You would also need to know how you make them so.

Here are the ways you can follow for this purpose:

  • Know as much as possible about your product and service. It includes gathering all the details from start to finish.
  • Put together the information that would be relevant to your website visitors.
  • Have 4/5 potential customers look at your page. Ask them if they find it informative enough. Encourage them to communicate what else they expect from this page.
  • Discuss with the designers to determine the best way to present the information on your page.

Product page quality 4: Beneficial

Yes, the product pages in your store can be beneficial to your potential customers.

Now, what exactly do we mean by that?

Well, you can go the extra mile by providing the most relevant information.

Let’s look at an example like we have before:

Luxy, the brand in the video above, is undoubtedly a frontrunner when it comes to beneficial product pages.

It not only includes images of its products but includes a detailed tutorial video about how to use its products.

Additionally, it includes a considerable number of FAQ questions about its products. The answers are not just text blocks. They come with relevant images and YouTube videos.

Even if the customers don’t purchase, they will get to know a great deal about the products.

How can you make your product pages beneficial?

The brand in the video above is an excellent example for you to follow.

But as we have done before, we are going to provide a list of steps to make your store pages beneficial.

Here they are:

  • Get a clear and detailed idea about the diverse ways people use your products/services.
  • Make engaging content (video, images, bullet list text) so that your visitors don’t need to google these.
  • Include a FAQ list on your product page. It would not only provide value but also keep people on your site for a longer time. That, in turn, boosts your store conversion rate.

Product page quality 5: Reassuring

No amount of emphasis would be enough for the quality of providing reassurance. Your visitors would need to know you can be trusted. That you would deliver on our promises.

How can you reassure them then?

Well, the most common way of showing it is including reviews of authentic customers. Another is the star rating.

However, many stores show fake reviews on their sites.

And your visitors are aware of this. So what can you do to show that your business and its reviews are genuine?

How can you make your product pages reassuring?

Here is what we suggest:

  • Talk to 4/5 customers. Ash them how exactly how they are using your products/services and if it is beneficial.
  • Ask them to make a video to demonstrate the benefits.
  • Post those videos on your page. Request your customers to post those videos on their social profiles as well.
  • Link their social profiles to your page. This step would help make your pages appear more trustworthy.

Product page design tips you should be aware of

So far, we have discussed the qualities of the product pages on your store should possess.

Let us now talk about some design tips that would help your pages demonstrate those qualities better.

1. Make the CTAs clear and insanely attractive

You can show off your creativity in your CTA button copy text as well. Experiment with various CTA copies and run A/B tests to find out what works better.

2. Include a story in your product description

Make your product description memorable using storytelling. An engaging story helps engage visitors in this time of ultra-low attention span.

3. Include detailed demo videos

Having a video on your product page not only delivers value to your customers but also encourage them to stay longer on your site. If necessary, invest a little more than you planned and get awesome videos made for your store.

4. Make sure all the images on your page are optimised

This tip is a crucial one. If your images are not optimised, your site will get heavier. That would lead to a longer load time. And if it crosses the 3s mark, even your mother would bounce from your site. So we recommend you follow this tip religiously.

5. Offer related products

Offer complementary products on your product pages. For instance, if you are selling small work tables, you can offer table mats, table wipers, pen holders, cool mugs etc. This tip would not only enhance the shopping experience of your customers but also boost your revenue.

6. Offer subscription

Let your customers subscribe to your brand. From time to time, share useful content with them that make their lives more comfortable and fun.

Let them know of any sale offers you are going to offer are currently offering. Doing so tells your customer that you genuinely intend to add value to their lives. That you are not just all about profit.

Your product pages can make or break your business!

Since it’s a fact, we have stated it as bluntly as possible.

Product pages are where your customer make the purchase decisions. Thus, do make sure the designers and content experts who are developing your pages are worth their salt.

Would you want to know more about product page and ecommerce conversion rate tips?

Feel free to contact us!

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