Manage Your Online Course.

Manage and sell online courses from your website

Easily add courses to
your website

Add multiple online courses to your website and show the list of available courses using our course widget. Customers can register and buy these courses from you. Then they can log in and view or download the course materials.

Set basic course

You can set the course title, price, preview image, and course description for each course. These will appear on your course page. Any potential customer can view this information and decide if they want to purchase it.

Customise course

You can set the course duration (for example, a four-week course or a two-month course) and organise the course materials accordingly. You can also set the maximum number of seats for a particular class and how long it remains accessible.

Upload any type of course

Upload course materials like texts, images, videos, and PDF files. The course materials are arranged based on your course schedule. For a four-week course with a weekly schedule, you get four tabs to upload and place each week’s contents.

Check the summary of
courses sold

The course overview panel at the backend shows you a summary of the courses sold and their statuses. You can see details like customer name, payment status, amount paid, order date, etc. You can also check your total number of clients and revenue.

Preview your course page

View how your course page appears to your paid customers. The course materials are automatically displayed in a nicely arranged fashion, divided into multiple tabs. If something doesn’t look right, you can go back and make changes from the course dashboard.

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