Everything you need to grow your business online.

WebCommander has all the features you need for your website or online store. Plus, it comes with many advanced tools to create a unique web experience for your visitors. Whether you want to sell products and services or just need a portfolio website to showcase your business, we've got you covered.


Unlimited Products

There's no limit to the number of products you can create and sell - various product types including physical, digital and gift cards are available for you to create and sell in your online store

Product Organization

Products are organized by category, type, availability, sale and so on

Product Variations

Configure and sell different variations of your product, such as multiple sizes, colours, materials and more. Each variation of the product can have its own price, name, properties and inventory set according to your need

Custom Product Designer

Allow your customers to custom design your products by adding texts, images from your clipart library or by uploading pictures.

Multiple Images

Option to add multiple images for your products and their variations so that the customers can have a look at the products from all the angles required

Inventory Management

Manage your entire inventory. Track stock counts, and automatically stop selling product when inventory runs out. Receive stock reports based on low and out of stock counts for your products


Import and Export your product and category using CSV/Excel files. Advance import include an ability to auto-generate variation products from minimal provided information

Advanced Pricing
and Discounts

Retail and Wholesale Pricing

Offer wholesale and retail pricing to your best customers without a separate store.

Discount Types

Create discount codes for a dollar value discount, a percentage discount, or a free shipping discount on the entire order or on specific products. Customers (guest or registered, as set) can enter discount codes online at checkout to avail the offers

Volume Based Pricing

Discount tiers can be based on dollar value or quantity - you can even set discounted prices.


Fixed Price Shipping

Define shipping zones and fixed price for shipping charges depending on the zones set

Variable Price Shipping

Define shipping zones and shipping charges on the basis of Quantity, Weight and Price of the products. Options to use Sendle and Auspost to calculate shipping prices are also available.

Freight/Shipping Class

Set Standard or Express shipping options for your customers to choose from


Fresh Food & Grocery Deliveries

Delivery options are designed for Fresh Food/Grocery Businesses and Restaurants

Delivery Time & Days

Set your delivery days and times including non-delivery days for weekends and/or public holidays

Delivery Slot Options

Set and allow your customers to choose a Delivery slot (for example a Morning or Afternoon Delivery).

Order Limits

Ensure you can meet your deliveries by setting order limits to your available delivery slots


Ability to define and select Pickup date and time options for your customer

Google Calendar Sync

Ability to sync all your delivery schedules on your Google Calendar once an order is placed on the store.


Track Order Status

View, search and update order status from the Order Management section

Manage Shipments and Notification

Manually fulfill your orders by indicating product shipped and sending shipping tracking information as well as set partial or complete shipment notification option for your customers

Manage Payment and Payment Notification

Manually update Payment status for Customers who selected an option to pay later and send out payment notification once the payment is complete

Export Orders

Export your orders into CSV files including an option to Advance export detailed fields covering billing, shipping, customer, product, order and order custom field information

Manual order creation

Create orders for your customers and send them invoices from the WebCommander admin.

Order Custom Fields

Create customized fields to take in information during checkout for each available options (Shipping, Delivery and Store Pick up).

Accounts and Customer

Live Chat

Engage your website visitors via live chat. Address their queries in real time.


Keep your customers engaged with beneficial information and exclusive discount offers through newsletters.

Loyalty Points

Offer loyalty points to your customers to encourage them to continue shopping at your store.

Gift Cards

Your customers are able to purchase a gift card for someone from your store, or you can use gift cards as store credit.

Branded Email and PDF Templates

Customize your automated store emails with the design and language you want.

Abandoned Cart

About 7 out of every 10 carts are abandoned. Retarget your customers notifying them of abandoned carts

Customer Registration

Allow Guest Customers to register and maintain their own profile for future visits

Analytics and


See real-time and recent activity, gain insight into your visitors, and analyze your business performance.

Get detailed information about your business, including sales, customers, and marketing.

Data Reports

Generate reporting outputs for product inventory, sales, orders and customers in PDF and CSV outputs

Your Choice of Payment

Accept Payments

Get to your first sale faster by instantly accepting major credit cards, Paypal and Buy Now Pay Later options

Use Leading Payment Gateways

Paypal, SecurePay, Eway, Stripe, Square, Braintree, Payright and many other payment gateways are available for both server or merchant end hosting

Mobile Optimised

Embrace mobile buyers with online payment solutions that make purchasing from handheld devices simple.

Buy Now Pay Later

Add in now Buy Now Pay Later payments methods like PayRight or a simple Pay in Store option for your customers


Inventory management and Stock Report

Set up inventory tracking, view your inventory, adjust your inventory counts and generate stock report via WebCommander admin


Enable multiple currencies so your customers can pay for their orders and receive refunds in their local currency

Customize Order and Invoices' PDFs

Add a Customised and Branded PDF invoice/receipt to every purchases made

Default and Custom Tax Profiles

Set default or custom tax codes for your store based on Zones

Integration with popular Accounting Systems

Automate your accounting with direct integrations to MYOB and Xero.

Website Builder

Web-Based Website Builder

Host your entire website on WebCommander. Your online store comes with a full-featured content and e-commerce management system.

Simple Editor

Edit, update and design your site contents easily using front end editor


Your online WebCommander store is mobile optimised, ensuring your customers can browse and buy from your store using any devices that they prefer

Edit HTML and CSS

Looking for an advance edit option? You have full access to the HTML and CSS of your store, making it easy to customise every aspect of your website.

Work with WebAlive Design team

You can work with the WebAlive Design Team who are experts in customising your WebCommander store from the ground up.


Automatic GST, VAT and Shipping Cost

Automatic Tax Calculations based on the Buyers Location to deal with GST including GST Free Export sales

Configure Cart and Checkout Pages

Configure the Cart and Checkout pages to show product information, prices and taxes the way you want. Show prices and totals as tax inclusive or exclusive

Social media Share

Allows your visitors to share your product or blog online via their social networks including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Easy Navigation

Breadcrumbs makes it easy to show your customers a complete navigation route. As they navigate down your category tree, their breadcrumb trail expands to give them an easy route back.

Customizable Product Status

Add “ON SALE’, “LOW STOCK”, “NEW ADDITION” and many other labels to the product.

Product Ratings and Reviews

Engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to leave SEO-friendly product reviews on your website.

Product Questions

Allow your customers to submit any queries that they might have regarding any particular product from the product details page

Abandoned Cart Retrieval

Win back customers who left your site without buying through automated email marketing campaigns

Save cart

Allow customers to add products to a cart and save it for later purchases

Wish List

Allow customers to create a Wishlist of favourite items

Compare Product

Help customers to compare products to assist them in making purchase decisions


Let customers search all of your shop’s products, articles, blogs and pages in an easy to navigate manner


Allow customers to filter Products based on Brand, Manufacturer details etc. depending on store setting


Article and Sections

Create and assign articles under sections for ease of navigation to related contents

Blog and Blog categories

Create blog categories and posts to allow users to navigate easily, read and share the posts on their social media accounts


Create news under articles of your store for the users to be up to date with events happening around your business


Create various types of form including Contact Form, Order Form, Event Registration Form, Job Application Form, Customer Survey Form etc. and customize the form fields for your targeted audience


Upload all your store images under Albums and update sliders using images from the albums

Online Booking

Booking Overview

Use our booking feature to configure and allow your customers to book a service or an appointment based on your store business.

Booking overview summarizes the booking information for selected booking slots (time, date, staff, customer name, payment status etc.)

Staff and Department

Create Department for your services and assign Staffs under them. The Staffs will be responsible for conducting the particular service that they are assigned to


Create Services to provide information on booking schedule, price, terms and conditions etc. for your customers to choose from. The services are SEO optimized


Course Overview

Course allows you to create materials (video, notes) for your users to purchase and view them. Course overview summarizes the courses sold and their status

Online Courses Set Up

Set up your online course based on daily, weekly or monthly content update. Upload your course contents and set purchase limit, course price, course expiration date etc. for your registered users to purchase


Event Overview

Looking to create an Event for your business? Use our Event feature to set event date, venues, equipment and plan your seating arrangements . Event overview summarizes the event date, available venues and equipment to allow you to plan your events accordingly


Create events and assign venues and equipment under them. Create events of single or multiple sessions depending on your needs, restrict events to private, book complementary tickets and much more.


Create venue location for your events and set capacity limits


Create specific equipment for your event and assign them under it to manage and keep notes of everything required for your event to be a success

Marketing and Search
Engine Optimization

Built-in SEO Tools

Effective SEO tools help a website rank consistently for a wide range of search queries. These SEO tools are integrated with every website we design and develop. When you receive your business website, you would be able to rank at the top with very little effort.


Build your audience and boost store traffic with WebCommanders built-in blog.

Better Insights on Traffic and Conversion

Integration with platforms like Google Analytics gives you valuable insights on traffic and conversion.

Advanced Features
and Integration


Sync and sell products listed on Webcommander on your Ebay store as well to enhance and reach more of your targeted audience

Integrated Shipping

Use our Custom APIs to integrate into popular Shipping Services to calculate Freight Costs and Automatically Fulfill Orders

Downloadable Products

Allow for the ordering of product that are fulfilled via the buyer downloading the product files and download order notifications


Use our donation feature to allow users to donate for a good cause

Google Feature Integration

Google Map, Google Calendar, Google Product, Google Trusted Store and Google Analytics Report integration are some of the Google features available for you to use in your WebCommander store


Call Support

Get support over voice call and have your issues fixed in no time. Our support team and troubleshooter team is dedicated to provide stable and rapid solution to all your website related problems.

Email Support

WebCommander support team is available from Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM to address any and every issue you may face with your store.