Manage Events from Your Website

Create and manage events for your business right from your website dashboard.

Manage any type of event

Create an event with general information like event name, start and end time, description, and images. We make it effortless to create any type of event for your business. The event dashboard is clean and straightforward with all the essential features

Add venue information
to events

Create venue locations for your events and set capacity limits. Each venue will have a name, address, and Google Map location with other information. You can also save the venues you create and assign those to your events later.

Create seat plans
for your event

Set the total number of seats, seat names, and ticket prices for each event location. Your customers can choose which seat they want to buy by clicking on a virtual seat plan from the front end, which you can check later from the event dashboard.

Keep track of
event equipment

Keep track of all your event equipment easily from the backend. Create equipment entries and assign them to different events. This helps you keep note of everything, and you can quickly check if all the equipment you need for an event are available.

Assign managers
for events

If you have multiple people in your management team, you can assign them as operators to different events, locations, and equipment. You can also set their roles and thus limit their access levels depending on the type of tasks you assign.

Many more features

You can create events for single or multiple sessions, restrict events to private, book complimentary tickets, view all your events on an event calendar, and get all the support you need to make your event a success.

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