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As a fully featured online shopping platform, WebCommander’s huge range of options ensures you have complete control over every aspect of your online store so your customers’ needs are met. From integrated accounting software and payment gateways to easy management of shipping and multiple sales channels, WebCommander has it all!

Powerful Store Front

By integrating the leading accounting and marketing tools, payment gateways, shipping and inventory management systems, WebCommander enables you to create a commanding storefront that effectively engages visitors and encourages them to come back.

Add unlimited products with rich content, multiple images, videos and more. Manage your inventory, track stock counts and get automatic alert when it runs low. Encourage customers’ engagement by letting them comment on the products you offer.


Secure Shopping Cart Software

WebCommander’s advanced shopping cart technology provides customers a friction-free secure checkout experience. WebCommander provides you complete support for SSL and makes sure that you can provide a robust security for your ecommerce transactions. Login, Customer Registration, Checkout, Payment all the information is sent back and forth through the secure layer, which makes your business and customer data safe and secure.

Payment Gateways & Shipping and Tax Flexibility

WebCommander integrates all the major payment gateways around the world including credit cards, PayPal, debit cards from your customers, banks, third party processor and more.

Be it a store pickup or a third party courier, you can ship your product anywhere, anyhow. Set shipping and tax rules for each product, WebCommander will calculate the shipping and tax fees based on your customer’s location.

WebCommander’s streamlined ‘One Page’ checkout makes it easier for the customers to create an account and encourages repeated shopping.


Advanced Product and Inventory Management

Represent your products with stunning images, slideshows and videos. Add unlimited products to your online store and upload unlimited images for each product. Offer different variations of your products, such as multiple sizes, colours and materials. Each variation can have its own price, SKU, weight, description and inventory.

Categorise your products by type, price, brand, sale and inventory level so that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for. With integrated social media tools shoppers can easily share your products on Facebook and Twitter. The inventory tracking tool enables you to monitor your inventory levels and provide alerts when any product is running low.

Real-time Analytics and Powerful Reporting

View your business from all perspectives with the enterprise reporting tool. You can monitor and analyse your day to day business operation with real-time analytics and gather actionable data to optimise your online business processes and increase return on your marketing spend.

Generate the charts in both graphic and tabular forms, export and carry them with you in either PDF, Excel or CSV formats. Create a ‘favourites’ of your personalised charts and access them anytime from the favourites section.


Integrated Business Tools

WebCommander can speak to your accounting and billing software, payment gateways and applications to ensure synergy through various business processes.

Sync with MYOB, Xero and AutoBill and use WebCommander to keep track of your inventory, manage customer purchases and track purchase history with ease.

WebCommander offers an easy & robust online administrative facility that gives you complete control over your online store. Create administrative users with various roles, add products, set up tax and shipment, manage orders and control the way you want to offer your merchandise.

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