Custom Ecommerce Website: Why It’s Worth Paying More For

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Custom Ecommerce Website: Why It’s Worth Paying More For

August 19, 2020. 9 Mins Read.


Has that rumour reached you as well?

That custom ecommerce websites cost a lot more than their template-based (Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix) counterparts?

Well, it’s not a rumour.

It’s a cold. Hard. Fact.


We are ready to stake our hard-earned reputation on it. That’s because owners of custom-designed ecommerce stores enjoy greater growth consistently!

Stay with us till the end and find out how!

Let’s start with the basics.

We know what we said above is difficult to believe.

So, we would start our discussion with basic definitions. The first we would elaborate is, Online stores are of two types.

Those are:

1. CMS built store

These are the online stores you build using Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly etc. With these CMSs, all you have to do is choose the name of your store and template.

With those sets, your store would be ready.

Afterwards, you would be able to add products, set shipping rates, payment methods and policies, and write product page descriptions.

This entire process would be over under an hour.

These CMSs charge from as low as $8 to $299 per month depending on your preferences. At this point, you would be able to sell your items and take payments online.

2. Custom-made store

These are the exact opposite of CMS-built stores.

These stores are built by professional web developers, designers or agencies. As the name suggests, these stores reflect your exact preferences.

Unlike the CMS-built ones, these take from one week to a couple of months to be ready.

You may be required to pay a one-time fee. Or a smaller monthly fee which is much higher than that of CMS-built ones.

At this point, you should be aware of the fundamental differences between CMS-built stores and custom-made ones.

Let’s now elaborate why the custom-made stores are worth the higher cost.

We have built hundreds of such stores for Australian business owners. They were convinced about the benefits and thus agreed to cover the cost. See what you make of those.

1. Your store would be precisely the way you want

With custom-built ecommerce sites, you would have freedom of design and development. If you have built an online store using a CMS, then you would probably counter it.

What you would say is likely this, “I can arrange my Shopify/BigCommerce/Wix store in any way I want”.

Well, it’s not exactly true. Let us give you some perspective.

Suppose you are told that you are free to go anywhere within East Sydney. But you would not be able to leave the city.

Are you then really free?

It is analogous to CMS built stores. Yes, those have drag-and-drop editors, but those only allow you so much in terms of store design.

On the other hand, with custom ecommerce websites, there is virtually no limit. You can have your store designed precisely the way you want.

For instance, most themes in CMSs have one major flaw. They don’t allow you to place a logo that you have designed in the left-hand corner (the traditional spot).

If you manage to place a store, there would be a wide white space between the logo and the banner.

We built several stores in almost all popular CMSs. We have found this gap massively annoying.

It’s a killer of user experience! Moreover, visitors may not be able to trust such stores. But, with custom-made stores, this would not be an issue.

You would be able to have an element at any place in your store. As the owner, this freedom is crucial in starting your store with a positive mindset.

2. You would be able to handle all elements that are slowing your store down

Have you ever run your online store website through GTmetrix?

It’s a tool that tells you how fast (or slow) your site is. It also informs you of the issues that are slowing your site.

Have a look at the image below.


This image is part of the speed report of an online store. These are some of the issues that a CMS-built store is having.

If you run ten stores of each popular CMS in GTmetrix, you would find a pattern. You would find issues that are pretty much common to all of them.

Unfortunately, fixing them would be very difficult!


Well, many of these issues are of the CMS structure itself.

What does that mean?

It means that it isn’t much you can do about it. However, that’s not the case with custom ecommerce websites.

Each issue that you get from GTmetrix (or any other speed checking tool) can be addressed. When that happens, your store would be significantly faster.

And in case you didn’t know, site load speed is a ranking factor for Google. So, the faster your site is, the easier for it is to rank on search results.

3. Your online store would enjoy greater public engagement

When we develop custom online stores for clients, we go through the sites of the competition.

After doing it for years, we have observed a pattern. Most of these sites are CMS-built.

Thus, most of them look and feel pretty much the same. The reason behind it is the fixed number of (free) templates.

And since over 8 out of every 10 of your customers perform some research, they know it as well. As a result, it is getting increasingly difficult to convert people.

These people now desire stunning and unique visuals more often when shopping. Furthermore, they also expect more creative, fresh and unique product pages.

Well, these are not always possible with fixed templates. That’s where custom-built stores have the upper hand.

Whatever you can imagine your store to be, it can come true! When people land on your website, they would immediately know that it’s different!

This observation would keep them longer on your site and make them engage more with your products.

Such a fresh experience would encourage them to share your site on social media.

You know what happens then! A higher number of people would be flocking to your ecommerce site!

4. Your store would have useful built-in SEO features

If you want to gain quality traffic spending a fortune, then SEO would come in handy.

If done well, SEO can direct considerable high-quality organic traffic to your store with a much lower budget.

But, for proper SEO, you would need many technical setups in your store. However, implementing technical changes for SEO in CMS-built stores is quite risky!

Putting in one change may jeopardise another feature. This is another example of the limitation of CMS-built stores.

This is where custom-built ones-though they cost more to develop-enjoy sheer SEO flexibility.

Any feature that makes it easy for search engines to crawl your store can be implemented without breaking your site.

And thus, custom stores manage to have the upper hand over their counterparts in terms of organic traffic.

5. You would have easy access to experts who would assess and optimise your store for success

With CMS-built ecommerce stores, people don’t usually have a team of experts to talk to.

Thus, essential features like keyword injection, user experience and many other things remain under-optimised.

These uninformed souls think (most of the time) that fantastic ad copy alone converts visitors. Since assessing his/her own store is difficult, they usually tend to avoid it.

With custom ecommerce websites, it’s the opposite. A group of expert designers, developers, copy-writers and UX specialists would be working on your store.

You would be able to interact with them and pass your opinion at every stage. Through this communication, you would learn a lot which would help you form better marketing strategies.

Thus, when you run ads, you would know that your store is fully ready for your visitors.

6. You would benefit from insider tips from seasoned marketing and eCommerce experts

An eCommerce agency develops custom online stores targeted for various niches.

Gradually, they develop an understanding of what works and what doesn’t for a particular niche or industry.

Be it SEO, Facebook ads, USP development, Google ads, customer preferences, ad copy, visuals or anything.

When you are having your custom store developed, you would have access to this crucial info.

Many of our customers have successfully scaled their stores using data we have amassed over the years.

So, why would you deprive yourself of such an opportunity that is highly likely to get you higher revenue?

7. You would have the mindset necessary for success and growth

Having the best store is not enough.

As the owner, you would need to have the right mindset for success. That’s one of the critical reasons CMS-built store owners fail.

Here is what Maxim Sing, an ecommerce guru, said about it on a subreddit on Shopify store success.

Most store owners fail for the following reasons:

They have no idea how to find and test products.

They want to get rich overnight.

They have no idea how to sell their products.

They start their stores with almost zero capital.

When you go for a custom ecommerce website, there is very little chance of the above.

You must be wondering why.

Well, having a custom-designed online store developed takes much more than the $30 per month that CMSs charge.

The number lies between AUD $3K to $15K+.

When you commit to an investment of this amount, you are a lot less likely to rush into anything. In fact, you would take your time and talk to experts.

You would listen to the experienced designers, developers, marketing specialists and strategists.

After thorough discussions with them, you would have an educated idea about a lot of things.

These include the capital required to sustain your online store for one year at least and other services you may need.

Most importantly, you would not be in the “get rich quick” mindset. As a result, you would be in a position where the above-mentioned destructive scenarios would not happen to you.

The likelihood of success and growth of your store would heighten drastically!

Quick Recap

Let us go over the seven reasons it’s worth paying more for a custom-built online store:

  • Your store would be precisely the way you want.
  • You would be able to handle all elements that are slowing your store down.
  • Your online store would enjoy the greater public engagement.
  • Your store would have useful built-in SEO features.
  • You would have easy access to experts who would assess and optimise your store for success.
  • You would benefit from insider-tips from seasoned marketing and eCommerce experts.
  • You would be in the mindset necessary for success and growth.

In our next discussion, we would talk about more.

There are many other aspects of custom-built stores than the ones we discussed so far. When running such a store, you would need to be as informed about your customers as possible.

In our upcoming discussions, we would be addressing those. So, do sign up for our newsletter and stay on top of your business.

Custom ecommerce websites are more likely to be your golden-egg laying goose!!

This is precisely what we have been trying to tell you. Yes, custom-built online stores cost more.

But simultaneously, they are more likely to earn consistent and scalable revenue. Isn’t that what any success-conscious store owner wants?

Planning to have your own custom online store?

Then do contact us. We love informing people of the process so that they can make educated decisions.

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