Add a booking system to your website.

A complete online booking system that lets your visitors schedule appointments, pay the booking fee, and enables you to manage all the booking activities with ease.

Core Features

Adding an online booking or appointment scheduling system to your website is very simple with WebCommander. Just define your services, assign staff or providers, set availability and let out system automate the rest!

Here are the core features of our booking system -

  1. Add to your WebCommander website in no time
  2. Customise form fields, add location and calendar
  3. Built-in booking payment system and tax settings
  1. View appointment schedules and assign to your staff
  2. Notify customers about their scheduled appointments
  3. Get expert support for setting up your booking system just the way you want

How it works

Adding an online booking or appointment scheduling system to your website is very simple with WebCommander. Just define your services, assign staff or providers, set availability and let out system automate the rest!

  1. Contact us to add the booking system to your website.
  2. Once enabled, you can create booking pages from the site dashboard.
  3. You can customise the booking page by adding service details and fee.
  4. Your customers can now visit the booking page and book appointments.
  5. Add your staff list to the system & assign staff for each appointment.
  6. Both your customer and assigned staff get email notification on the booked day.
  7. There are a lot of other features to customise your form and management schedules.

Customise your booking system

Unlike many other booking systems out there, our platform is highly customisable, with many built-in automation capabilities that require little to no maintenance. Just set it up once, and you're done. It will integrate perfectly with your website and business workflow. We'll do the initial set up process, and then you can easily manage it on your own. In case you need any help afterwards, our support team will always be there to assist you.

Booking page

WebCommander automatically creates a webpage for your booking form. You can customise this page URL, add image, and put additional information for your customers.

Appointment form frontend

When a customer first views the form, it shows them the service name, booking fee, service provider name (the staff you assign), and a location map. It also has a calendar that shows the date and time when your service will be available.

Appointment form fields

Once the customer selects date and time, the appointment form asks for information like name, email, and anything else you want to ask the customer.


Your customers can register an account with you before making the payment or pay as a guest without logging in. Payment can be made using credit cards or PayPal.

Assigning appointments to staff

From the backend, you can see all the appointments made by your customers, and you can assign staff who will provide service to those customers.

Organising staff & appointments automatically

You can organise your staff into departments and select which service a particular staff offers. Once you set office hours, staff working hours, and break time, the appointment management process will become completely automated.

Appointment cancellation and max booking

Your customers can cancel appointments. Once cancelled, the system will automatically update the staff schedule. You can set a cancellation period, and the maximum number of bookings allowed for a service.

Send automated notifications

Send notifications to your customer, staff, and admin on appointment time, payment due etc. You can set the time when these notifications will be sent (Example: 48 hours before the appointment time).

Get help and support

Our support team is always there in case you need help in setting up your booking form. Just contact us with your issue or requirements, and we’ll guide you through the process or even set it up for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online booking system?

An online booking system is a software that you can use to manage and accept reservations and bookings. WebCommander provides you the same facility and the best thing is, your online booking or appointment scheduling system will be fully integrated with your website.

Why do I need online scheduling?

With the help of online scheduling platform, you can easily handle your business wherever you are. Since everything will happen virtually, you will get ample amount of time to prioritize your clients. Moreover, you can perform various tasks like supervise the schedule, communicate with the clients and even handle the finances in a single platform.

Is WebCommander booking system right for my business?

Yes, WebCommander will provide you hassle-free services in a cost-effective manner. Our experts will make sure you get your desired online booking system results.

How long will it take to set up my account?

The setup process is very easy. We can get it done within a short period of time.

Can I customise my booking page?

Obviously Yes! You can customise the booking page according the way you want. After you have chosen our built-in templates, you can add service details, location, calendar and fee to provide information to the customers.

How can I get started with WebCommander Booking System?

Setting up WebCommander booking system is easy. Send us your requirement and one of our expert will get back to you with details.

Can I collect payment through Scheduling?

Yes! Clients can pay the total amount on your scheduling page.